What house is gregariously summoning you?

You’ve drove past it, you’ve visited, or you’ve perhaps lived in it. It’s that expressive house that cordially invites you in, intrigues you and keeps summoning you back. It may even be the one you could not resist taking a chance on and dumping all your life saving into…yep, that money pit of love! What hold do these places have on us? For some it’s the modern space with the sleek metal elements, for some a soaring loft with an abundance of light, and for others they are drawn to the old and lovingly worn historical home. 

Wheatland Manor. One of my favorite Botetourt County, Virginia homes (Photos by MJT)

For me, it’s the old home: the big brick Victorians, the old farmhouse or even the Italian villa. Okay, especially the Italian villa. I’m intriqued by the craftsmanship and the care put into these wonderful historic places. The list is long why I love these places: the stone elements, the wood carvings, columns, plastering, the curiousity about previous occupants that treaded the warm old floors. I’d love to move into the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC http://www.biltmore.com/visit/hours.asp if only for a week! A truly gregarious house with all the visitors it hosts each day!

My intrique began as a child visting my great-grandfather’s old home. I wanted to explore every nook and cranny. The love continued when my husband, Matthew and I lived in an 1883 brick, Victorian farmhouse with our sons. The desire continues as we search for our dream home to retire to in the mountains of Virginia. Every old place we see has potential to be the gregarious old house calling us home and our friends and family in.

 My curiousity takes me to wondering what it is in everyone’s life journey that brings them to know their desired dream home or space?

Interiors and architecture can inspire. They bring us comfort, intrique us and cause us to dream of living within them. The reasoning for admiration of them may be different for each of us, but the passion is instilled nonetheless. What house is gregariously summoning you?


One thought on “What house is gregariously summoning you?

  1. Love it!! I would really enjoy a tour of Charleston.

    I’ll be watching for the next installment. The pictures are very nice. Even the ones peeping in the windows!

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