The blare of horns: solitude created.

I speak often of old houses: living within a space that compels me to restore and pamper them, and of outdoor space that fill me with vigor, yet quiets me.  I love the tranquility and slow pace of the country.  And although I pull my strength from such places, I’m sure city life can present the same things with others. We, as humans, all need our quiet time to reflect inward to reconnect with who we are, especially in the vastness of this world. To keep up with the pace of all around us would be dizzying. So how does one find that peaceful centering in a concrete

 world of noise and bustle? I would imagine a walk in a nearby park would afford them the same as a walk down a country road. But what about in their own space, thier home, condo or apartment. The hum of a world that continues outside the window can be that found solitude. It can remind, that even while we draw ourselves inward to our own mind, thoughts, quietness, the world will and can continue. A sound calls to let everything continue to sort itself out while your world takes a break. Comfort is provided; even in noise and confusion. It allows the mind to accept it does not have to constantly take part, but can be drawn inward to rest, become revitalized, and revel in its uniqueness.   Those moments of solitude can be created just about anywhere when we are drawn to reconnect to ourselves.  Is yours found amongst the hustle and bustle?  Somewhere more remote? 

View along Creeper Trail in Virginia

 Or found easily within either?


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