Green Front Furniture

Just a wee bit of shopping goes on at Green Front  Furniture in Farmville, Virginia.  If you’ve never been or never heard of it you’ll want to and you have now!  We were on a quest to find a bed, but we knew going in we’d be hitting the pavement to glean any and all future wants.   Comprised of 12 warehouses that total 700,000 square feet of decorating delectation, you’ll have your fun cut out for you here!

  All of the  Green Front’s building are within easy walking with a few of them  just up the road in the downtown area.   

This will give you the opportunity to check out other quaint shops.  

So are you ready to do a little arm-chair shopping and yearning?? 

They’ve got puddles and piles of rugs!  I’ve never seen so many in one place.  These pictures can’t even come close to giving you an idea. 

There are several floors of couches, sofas, and chairs just within this building.   These are addition to the various room displays throughout other buildings!  Oh and don’t forget to check out the “boneyards” where furniture misfits  are looking for the perfect owner.

Here is  a couple of my favorite chairs.   Admittedly I could have gone hog wild and taken pictures of plenty more! 


Ha, that last chair threw you off a little  after seeing the first two didn’t it?  Although I do trend toward earthy and the antique worn look I do love a good splash of color with great texture and print. Hey, I’ll take this lounge.  Does the good-looking guy come with it? 

 So now for some of my favorite casegoods….

I want this one!  Just have to find the proper sized house with a generous sized kitchen! 

Oh, that’s right.  I did say we were going shopping for a bed.  Here were a couple of contenders.  Yep, you likely guessed it .  They are not modern in style.

 Wow, I was having so much fun  posting these that I’ve run out of space on this blog entry.  I guess that means a Green Front Furniture, Part II will have to be devised…


6 thoughts on “Green Front Furniture

  1. It’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive from our place, Penny. Come on down and we’ll shop til the boys take the plastic away! Oh, and you have great taste! That is my favorite chair, too! Just remember I saw it first! lol

  2. I definitely want to go there!!! I can see a few furniture pieces I want right now! Love that love seat in the one with the paisley-like cushions on it. I think I would be shopping in the boneyard. I like a good bargain!!

    1. I agree, Vicki! Love the color and the shape is interesting as well. Hope to have another blog coming down the pike in the next 24 hours! 🙂

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