Green Front Furniture Part 2: The shopping continues…with a twist.

Ready for some more decorating eye candy!  I’ve got a few interesting accessories here.  But we are going to have a little fun with this. Here’s the deal: don’t just focus on the items themselves.  Try digging deeper into that creative brain and focus on what exactly you find appealing or perhaps what you don’t like about it.  What juxtaposed textures or colors do you see that you’d love to use, or what shapes and patterns you find yourself drawn to.  It takes shopping to a whole new level!  Don’t worry, there are no right or wrong’s to this and there is no test at the end of the blog…

Okay, did you catch that last one?…Well, technically the pillow is an accessory, but I wanted you to check out the lines of the chair and the mix of color and pattern. Threw it in just to be sure you are still watching and exploring for your “that’s so me” style.  I even surprised myself with this next one.  Although I tend to love old light fixtures, I’m enthralled by how the texture works with the wood beams and the brick!  I think it is the ease of the dangling beads against the ruggedness and stealth of the other materials. I’m also finding myself drawn to these colors more and more.   




Are you getting a sense of your likes and dislikes?  Remember don’t just take the item in as a whole: pick it apart.  What do and don’t you like about it?  Explore.  Now we are going to take it up a notch.  Store displays are a wonderful way to find you inner decorating diva.  




 So about this time in anyone’s shopping day you may need a little break and time to rest your weary feet.  Well maybe it’s actually your eyes in this case.

So lucky my hubby indulges me in my silly requests.

Now if you weren’t virtually shopping from your chair but were physically in Farmville, you could take in a lovely  little restaurant called Charley’s Waterfront Cafe.  Fantastic food with a great price!  While you are taking a break and before we move onto Part 3, grab a pen and pencil and number your paper from one to five.  Naw, it’s not a test…but while you have it out why don’t you note what you learned about your style likes/dislikes, what you tend to gravitate to, or anything that will help you pick out the next best thing for you home.  See you in a bit for some more arm-chair shopping and creative soul-searching… (Part 3:


2 thoughts on “Green Front Furniture Part 2: The shopping continues…with a twist.

  1. Love that paisely chair….and the ‘sofa’ table that’s three pics below it. Nummy. I have a think for dark wood and especially twisted legs!

    1. Wow, we seem to have similar taste, Penny! Funny, I use to hate dark wood years ago. But now I love the richness of it! And I love turned legs and intricate carvings on furniture. I’ve been wishing I took even more pictures…guess that just means a return visit! 🙂 Wanna come with??

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