Green Front: Part 3 Keep that creative eye wandering…


Okay, I know you are likely wondering, “Why another post on Green Front Furniture?  Haven’t we seen enough?”  But you see I’m a very visual person and, of course, so is shopping.  And I could explain in one very wordy post how awesome I think these next items are but you just wouldn’t get that ogling experience.   You’ve just gotta see them for yourself.  If only I could find a way to add the tactile experience for you too.  Yep, I ‘m one of those, too!  So, here are a few things I also found interesting and inspiring.  You’ll notice my love for old doors here.  Yummy, more decorating goodies!! 

In this photo, I particularly like the style, hardware, and carvings of the cream-colored door.  But, just think what an awesome and subtle room color scheme combining all the of these doors would make!  Don’t worry I’m not going to ramble on about what I love in each photo.  This one is all about you seeking shopping bliss!  Keep that decorating discerning eye of yours open and focused…


As I’ve been posting these, I just realized a wonderful thing!  Although there was often one or two items that had caught my eye when photographing them, I am now noticing other things I hadn’t noticed before!  My only regret here is that I’d taken a larger array of photos!  I believe for  future shopping trips that I’ll always have a camera in hand!  And I’ll certainly have to be sure the battery is fully charged!!  Hope you enjoyed the little series on Green Front Shopping…until next time fellow lovers of house, home and  great spaces and places!


One thought on “Green Front: Part 3 Keep that creative eye wandering…

  1. My Love is a visual kind of guy. When we go shopping for something I either grab a point and shoot camera, or my iphone. It really helps to go back and discuss a cabinet or some stone when he can see a picture to remind him what it looks like.

    Love this place!!!

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