A street by any another name… Dr. Seuss saw things on mine!

As I traipsed up and down the hills of our subdivision on a morning walk, I noticed a few houses that were for sale along the way.  Then I consciously began doing something I tended to do sub-conciously.  I thought about the street  they were located on and wondering how many of us have based our home purchases on the physical address.  Not location, but the name of the road itself.  This lead me to evaluating the streets I’ve lived on.  I grew up on Mulberry Street.  Always a  fun name to mention especially to anyone who is familiar with Dr Seuss’ “To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street.”  A nice street address to raise a family and with some special nostalgia added. 

I found something interesting as I recalled other places I resided in.   One of the apartments my husband and I lived in the longest was on Buckeye Street and then our first home was on Forest Street.  See the trend?  One tree, two tree and add Mulberry as tree three.  Those street names suit me as I love the outdoors!  Currently we live on Lakeridge.  Nothing better than a lake with some trees!  And subdivision name?  Rainbow Forest.  Hmmm, again with the trees and a rainbow as a bonus.  But is this coincidence?  Perhaps the fact that there is a reoccurring theme is just a fluke.  They are all appealing in name.  But I wonder, would you live on a street perhaps called Abrasive Avenue, Had It Road, or  Hard Times Lane?   Well, obviously someone would as there are houses on these roads.  Would it make you think twice about wanting to purchase it or tell anyone where you live? 

 I began to ponder too if a house has to or does often live up to its address.  I remember once telling someone our current address and knowing nothing about the area of the state we lived in, no less the immediate area, they commented “Oooo, that sounds like a nice place to live.”   My first thought was,”Wow, they might be slightly disappointed.”  Oh, it’s a nice neighborhood:  Plenty of trees, nice sized lots of an acre or more and, yes, there is a small lake in the neighborhood and a stream that runs through our property.  But it certainly isn’t  a subdivision of homes in the half million dollar range by any means.  I also don’t have a view of the lake as the name may imply.  But then I’m not sure what they thought was held within the name “Lakeridge”.

Quite honestly, since we began our house hunt, we have thought about the street addresses.  But in some instances, it is not only the street name but the home’s name.  Since we are looking for an older home, they most often have been named by the original or previous owners.  I doubt that you would be suprised by the names of those we were interest in: Cherry Hill and Oakelde Manor just to name a couple.  We found them to live up to their given names.

Oakelde Manor

I have often wondered too, if the essence of its name or street name would or could have any bearing on how we live life within it 0r gives meaning to the houses identity or overall feel.  Now wouldn’t that really add something to ponder.  Especially if you are looking for a particular home to suit a lifestyle perhaps.  I immediately then think of this little cottage that we have considered as our next home.   Looking to find a refuge to get away from it all and enjoy a slower paced life style, don’t you think Secluded Lane sounds the ideal place?  A cottage on Secluded Lane:  now that is ingriguing!  But what if I were to live in it and literally become all its name implies?  Well, if I seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth some day,  just look me up at that address! 

 (Side note:  We have not decided on or bought the cottage property.)


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