Down with (the) Christmas lights!

Life and situations can sometimes cause us to turn over a new leaf  if we follow the old adage, “out with the old and in with the new.”  But I couldn’t do it.  I tried.  Really!  You see, that old typical christmas tree issue occurred. We had fickle lights: some work, some don’t, some only occasionally.  So, off to Lowes we went seeking lights that work and perhaps a new color palette for the tree.   Second dilemma only to the typical lighting issues: he likes multicolored lights, I apt for white.  Why not a mix then? 

 After pacing up and down the aisle evaluating and re-evaluating  with at least three employees offering help (but relatively quickly walking away when we jokingly informed them that only in assisting a woman make up her mind would their help be necessary)  we decided to venture with something outside our normal realm.  We loaded up on the new LED lights.   The crystal cut bulb seemed pretty enough, especially with our predominantly mid-sized white bulbs to be juxtaposed with a sprinkling of  the smaller red.  Decision made: large tab paid.  We did it!  Or did we?  Or maybe the question should be, “what did we just do?”

Matthew painstakingly wrapped the tree with our new bright lights as he always does.  Meticulously the red lights were spaced perfectly amongst my beautiful white ones.  Then, ta-da.  Inspection time!  Whoa!  The first thing that comes to mind after blinders is Lite Brite!  That’s a lot of….ummmm….light!  Now mind you in past years we’d decorate our tree with 850-1,000 lights! Seriously!  But this mere 700 could steer a perfect plane landing onto our roof or warn a ship to steer clear of it.   For sake of time and the money we just spent, the tree was left wrapped (or would that be entrapped?)  in its new cozy, lighted heating blanket.  For two days it sat void of  ornaments or frilly dressings.  Just lights!

On the third day a consensus:  we’ve forked out the money, the tree decorating was already in motion, thus the lights would remain.  Or so we thought.  We adorned the tree with about a dozen or so ornaments  and then upon taking a step back to take a gander, I stopped!  I couldn’t do it and I had to say it out loud!  To my sheer joy, Matthew agreed and to my dismay a bare tree would be standing before us once again.  Nonetheless, in silence, systematic undoing began.

So, what exactly was the problem you ask?  It was the sheer, in your face, screaming of the lights!  But it was also something else.  It wasn’t “us”.  It wasn’t a “Matt and DeeDee” tree.  And what is that?  Nostalgic, comes to mind.  Subtle, yet joyous, perhaps.  But most of all I think what we wanted to shine wasn’t.  For us it’s the ornaments.  They were playing second fiddle to the blare of red and white.  We are looking for a symphony and we can’t have the horns louder than the violins!   Now if we had some bright shiny, fandangled ornaments a decorating victory would have ensued.  But see, this is us… these are “our” ornaments:

There are the antique ones used for many years on my parents’ tree…


 Found ones that remind of us childhood Christmas’s..

 Or these we chose specifically for the Country Victorian home we owned while living in Ohio…

 and a family tree would be lacking without a cherished kiddy made ornament complete with its maker’s photo!

 We may not smather or drape our tree with the fancies of the year, but we do stick with a theme that is ever so us: family, memories and tradition.  So with our much adored ornaments placed harmoniously amidst the rummaged and restituted some-what bright, old lights,  here is our perfect tree.

P.S.  Anyone looking to buy some red and white Christmas lights?  Give me a shout.  😉


5 thoughts on “Down with (the) Christmas lights!

    1. Thanks Bea! Sometimes it’s best not to change what is already seemingly perfect, I guess! Have a blessed Christmas and thanks for continuing to visit me here! 🙂

  1. OMG! you are a hoot! What a vivid usage of wording that placed me right in your living room (and of course the isle at Lowes). Love it and the tree is absolutely charming and beautiful. I do miss that out here on the road. Will not be going anywhere again this year we are staying in service. So we will enjoy yours from afar…

    1. 🙂 Thanks Pam! It would be awesome to see all the great Christmas decorations you likely experience as you are rolling along! I hope your holiday season is fantastic!

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