Cookin’ up another tree.

A few years back I decided to revamp a small artificial tree that,  in previous years, was used to decorate one of the boys’ bedroom dressers.  The stand had broken off, so I decided to get creative.   A tall vase my mom had given me became the perfect base. 

 It took the little tree to a whole new level.  Literally.  The tree would be placed in my kitchen so I sought out a different type of ornament. 

 Rather than permanently attach all the items to the tree, I decided to adorn it each year.  So the other day I worked on this crowning jewel of our kitchen island as Matt did the honor of adding the lights to our living room tree.   Four sweet, little angels were added as they work perfectly in repeating the light color of the vase.

  The lovely yellows, reds and oranges gives it a little punch with the small clear ornaments adding some shimmer (they are like whimsical little bubbles to me).   This combination does not allow my dear tree to shrink from view even with my kitchen vantage point of our 9 foot tree. 

I love the pizzaz this fruity tree adds to my Christmas decor!  I think it’s a keeper and now has become one of my traditions in Christmas decorating!


2 thoughts on “Cookin’ up another tree.

  1. I love it! What a beautiful eye for decorating you have. I think its a keeper as well.You should be proud of your artistic side.

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