Christmas Decorating and Scaling the Refrigerator are Hard Work!


It was an all day chore;  an exhausting day of climbing up and down chairs to place decorations just so.  This was in addition to the grueling lugging of my body plagued by noodle-like, fatigued arms and legs of lead up and down the stairs to fetch something else I just must add to my bedecking endeavor.   I had one main task of the day that I was intent on making perfect.  For this, my cat-like qualities were a necessity in transporting my human form, that prefers the grounded solid feel of  the kitchen floor, to moving stealth like from said floor, to chair , to counter, and finally to teetering on the edge of the fridge.  All  for the glory of filling a tucked away little niche above the kitchen cabinets with holiday cheer. 

Call me obsessed, but I love looking for spaces in a room that scream out “spruce me up, decorate me, give me my time in the spot light.”  Because, in my mind, Christmas decorating warrants free license to drape and slather the world in tinsel and trim, it’s no holds barred for me. 

Given the height and position of the recess many may not even readily take notice of my efforts.  No worries, with all the painstaking stretching, torso twisting,  and grunting necessary for placement of my special decorating touch, be certain that I’ll be blatantly making all aware.  Okay, really it will more likely go something like, “See my pretty Christmas decorations?” while I point to an obscure spot near the ceiling most didn’t know or care existed. 

But I did it!  For me and for anyone who cares to strain their neck to gaze upon it.  And at night, when all the lights are aglow, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  So, yep, it was worth it!  One more previously dark, forgotten corner now is basking in light…

my work is done…well, that is until I find another forlorn nook screaming to be treasured and  tinseled.

One thought on “Christmas Decorating and Scaling the Refrigerator are Hard Work!

  1. I love it. The corner does too, it just sparkles with joy that you filled it with lovely holiday cheer…I love that we think so much alike…

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