I want to “save this house”….will you help!?

Oh boy, here I go again!  I’ve fallen in love with a house! Smitten!  I just can’t convince Matthew that it is “the one”.  It’s suppose to be ours, I just know it.  (but then haven’t the dozen or so that have gone before).  But get this…it’s free!!!   No.  Really. It is.  Maybe we would have to give them a dollar to make it all official.  Well, maybe I’m not telling the whole story here.  I’ll come clean.  It has to be moved.  But wait!!!  It is only from Hodgenville, Kentucky to Virginia.  And, of course, I have the route all figured out!  We just zip on up to Louisville, jump on Interstate 64 and then  I-81 to its perfect new home.  It will be a snap!   Oh, come on.  You are not being a doubter too are you?  Just look at her….

                Read more here:  ‘Save This Old House’ Update: 2010.

Seeeeee?  It just has to happen!  She needs to be decorated by me.  It will be Matthew and I sitting on the front porch swing that hangs from her rafters as we sip lemonade!  It was meant to be…don’t you agree? (just email, call, text, or send a “congratulations on your new home” card to Matthew to help me out here…please)  😉  Oh, if only….(sigh)


6 thoughts on “I want to “save this house”….will you help!?

  1. Oh yes, you must have it. Matthew needs to jump onboard. Decorated by you and loved by you! Good luck with your endeavor….xoxo

    1. I love the place, but Matt is likely keeping me level headed right now! lol But just for now…who knows what I’ll have up my sleeve next! I just HAVE to find our old house! Thanks for stopping by Pam! Always a pleasure!

    1. LOL! Me too, Tera! You would never know by looking at it, bu there are five bedrooms in it!! I just love its facade with all the lovely bits of angles and trimwork!

    1. Wow, if that is not the sweetest thing to say! It’s people like you who give me the drive and inspiration to keep doing what I love! Thanks, Vicki!

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