Gold prospecting. The search goes on…and on…

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And on.  I can’t really pinpoint exactly when we started looking for a house.  But since we moved into this new house, I think we were always keeping our new “old house” opportunity ears open.  So, I guess that would be 13 years.  But, in “working with a realtor” years, we are still under the one year mark.  Ummm, I think.

I haven’t written much on our house hunt for sometime.  Not sure why really.  Perhaps it is that sometimes in the every rotating ideas in our head we are not sure what direction we are taking in buying a house, not to mention in what direction we want to move.  Yes, it will still be Virginia and yes, we will likely keep roots in the Roanoke Valley.  But, once the kids start to get established…ah, well, let’s not even consider that at this moment.  That just heaps more upon the decision-making pile.

We aren’t your typical home seeker (Is there a typical?  If so, we are likely not it.)  We go in spurts ,sometimes as long as a month, without having toured a house with our agents.  Not for lack of searching and help on their part:  they send us new listings and updates on price drops almost weekly.  We glance through them, stew a bit, check out the property on GIS (Geographical Information System) and just roll the possibilities around  in our heads for awhile.  Sort of like panning for gold ~ just swish it around a bit until a nugget of an idea gleams between the ears.  We always seem to find a couple that sparkle unlike the others and start making plans for our newly found valuable deposit.

Yep, gold prospectors.  That’s what we are.  Trying to find what everyone else is seeking~our golden nugget.  Our piece of American pie ~ land ~ a homestead.  But in our own unique style.   I must admit, some may think we are looking in a coal mine for it.  We are not panning for the cul-de-sac, golf community, ala-carte homes with a Rec Center just up the road.  Nope.  We are looking  to lay claim on even the  forlorn house  that we can make glisten again, whose lay of the land and soil  is grape-vine worthy and the vastness of green far surpasses the miles of road.    Give us something that looks promising and we’ll bite into it to see if we can authenticate it.

IMG_4094 (2)
This one is toooo big.
This one is toooo small.

To me almost every old home is worth its weight in gold.  There are times that finding one that suits us and doesn’t stretch the jingle in our pockets too far has seemed an unlikely possibility.  But anyone knows that prospecting is thrilling and rewarding when patience and persistence provides a successful acquisition.  So, on we shall go with this diligent panning and swishing out of the fool’s gold,  because….somewhere… Virginia…where we have yet to mine…. there’s gold in them thar hills.

It's somewhere out there...

2 thoughts on “Gold prospecting. The search goes on…and on…

  1. OMG! What a great way to describe the authentic, antique house hunt for the perfect Tornow Plantation. LOVE IT.

    1. Thanks, Pam! Still prodding on…discouraged at times, but then hopeful at the next moment. It is certainly a needle in a haystack hunt.

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