Desperation meets perfect opportunity.

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Or is it just pure desperation?

A few weeks ago the house next to my son, C’s, came on the market.  A foreclosure.  And it’s old. You know the latter already has my attention.  It has sat empty for a few years now and we often joked we would see if we could convince the owner to sell it so we could live next door.

Over the weekend we were out working on our son’s yard as he is preparing to put his place on the market.  Throughout the day, three different groups toured the house next door.  They all seemed to stay for at least an hour or more. (which I thought was a long time and quite odd as none of them were with a realtor.)  One interested party, a couple of young girls looking to invest, stopped to ask my husband if he knew much about the property.  They explained they were looking to fix the place up and rent it to college students.  During the conversation they mentioned that when they called the real estate agent she said the back door was being left unlocked. (Ah ha!  That’s the reason for the extended tours. They weren’t just viewing the outside)

Well, you don’t have to encourage this old home lover any further. An open door? Of course I had to get in there to peek around.  Now, mind you, our realtor did send us this listing,  but since the location isn’t ideal for us we hadn’t really considered it.  So off we went, fellow historic house lover hubby, myself and our son, to get a look~see at what this big house had to offer.


As we roamed room to room, we commented on how we could see the potential in renting it out as the girls specified; spacious bedrooms for two occupants, a perfect gathering room,, a study area, a kitchen large enough for several cooks, etc.  The house needs a lot of work, but it did offer a lot of what we are looking for.  However, due to my preconceived idea about the location, I didn’t view it as a “us” house at all. I wasn’t viewing it as an option.  I didn’t really give the place a second thought until …

“You know we could fix up that double wide on the back of the property and sell it and then dismantle the old house and move it.”  The wise words of my husband the following morning.  Now the gears are rolling and ideas are pinging about in my head.  Wow, are we really at this point?  We’ve been discussing the option of buying property and finding a dismantled house to erect on it.  Could this be the solution?  Or is it desperation?

Only time and the depth of our insanity will tell…(to be continued) Winking smile

Ideas are still pinging.


5 thoughts on “Desperation meets perfect opportunity.

  1. What a cool concept and a really big commitment! Good luck with it all, the house does look really interesting. I also love old houses. Thought my house built in the 60s was “new” but now that we live there and experience all it takes to keep it up, I realize that the 60’s were 50 years ago!!! And my house is not “new”. It’s old enough to have some charm, but not old enough for the really cool mouldings and tin ceilings like my parents house.

    1. lol…yep, I guess I sort of do. But then, at this point, we are in suspense. The what, where, why,when and which one are all still up in the air.

    1. A nice sitting porch is on our wish list. If we do purchase this place we foresee some changes with the porch, but it will definitely have one. Just a tad bigger. 😉

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