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In yesterday’s post, Desperation Meets Perfect Opportunity, I mentioned that we are mulling over the idea of either buying an already dismantled house or dismantling one we found.  Today, I was doing a little sleuthing and came across a very inspiring story.  This woman, May Alice Savidge, is my hero and reveals my trite self-doubt in taking on a project she has done almost single-handedly. I’m shaking in my boots a bit even with the amalgam of aid we could receive if we decided to take on the project we are considering.  Yet, this determined woman didn’t falter for a second but proceeded with conviction.   It seemed  natural to her; this place must be saved.  This place, her home, was worth each move of a brick and cold, winter night she spent in it.

Back in business: Ware Hall House, now in Norfork, is a B&B run by May's niece, Christine Adams

For twenty-three years, May worked diligently on her home.  Unfortunately it was not entirely complete when she died just shy of 82 years of age in 1993.  Her effort was not in vain however.  The home is now used as a Bed and Breakfast run by her niece.  You can read a bit about her story here:  Moving House or read the book written by her niece, Christine Adams, “Lifetime in the Building”.

This strong-willed woman motivates me to dig deep and meld away inner self-doubt into viable determination that spawns progress.  Anything worth having (or keeping) is worth the effort.  May proved that.

Jigsaw puzzle: Each beam is numbered according to May's floor plans


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