Messy, messy~please excuse it.

We are in transition…to a new site with a new look and with the hopes of more consistently updated content.  Please bear with us during this time and be sure to check us out once “the Gregarious house” is  again ready for your much enjoyed company.  Feel free to check out what you may have missed until then.  See you soon… (and don’t worry, we’ll be sure you are able find our new neighborhood)

the happy homeowner of “the Gregarious house”


4 thoughts on “Messy, messy~please excuse it.

    1. Well, I’ve decided that stay with WP but am upgrading a bit. I’m hoping to streamline the look a bit more and have a bit more freedom with the options. However, and this is a biggie, I’ll be doing a lot of the behind the scenes of which I have no clue about. So this should be daunting. Wish me luck….and pray for my sanity…

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