Potential with a Price


The initial monetary price isn’t all that bad.  But the biggest price you’ll pay with this house is time spent remedying all the past mistakes and neglect.  In the end, you’ll still have to dig a bit into the purse.  For the currently offered price of  $37,000 you get this 3,300 square foot house and double wide on 1.o4 acres .  But I’m not here to sell you this house, I’m here to give you a sneaky peek.

Some of you may have already seen the front of the house on my earlier post, Desperation Meets Perfect Opportunity.  But I didn’t give you some of the background on this property or give you a good view indoors.  We’ve been told that a doctor once owned this home.  The house that my son owns next door, was once his office.  We found several similarities between the two homes that would justify this.

We love to try to decipher what is original to a home and when and how additions and changes have been made.  Do you see any obvious ones here?


Perhaps you’ll find more evidence than we did. Although both sides of the house seem to have similar peaks and overhangs, it seems one was built later on.  One clue is the different window sizes, especially noticeable on the second story.  Also, take a look at the very long window centered on the left side under the porch.  A door at one time perhaps?  And that center tower section?  A much later addition to bring some grandness?

One of the hidden treasures is under the eaves on the right side and covered in aluminum siding.


The back of the house shows several additions.


Ready to head in?  Let’s go.

Can’t ignore this front door bell first of all.


Or its look from the inside.


Front door open~here is your view.


                  Want to  see that door you just peered through from the other side?


Well, you are officially inside.  Yes, I know~you are noticing that lovely pink room.  Let’s go look.


Awesome little window niche in there.  Perfect for a reading spot.  Do you see the doors under that window?  We haven’t deciphered the reason for it.  Any thoughts?  This is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  As is the kitchen…but we’ll get to that.   Two more views of this room before we move onto the dining room.


Isn’t this the most quirky fireplace?  And it has a quirky twin. (yes, I’m going to show you it~don’t I always?)


Through the double doors to the dining room now.  Are you seeing the mantle piece behind that horse of a wood burner?  It is a more simple elegant look.  A similar mantle was used in the office next door that I mentioned earlier.  Oh, and I’m sure you noticed all the wonderful wood floors throughout.  Love them!


Remove the bulky wood stove and a wonderfully sized dining room is available.P1040887P1040891

Beyond this gaping hole is what appears to be an original porch that is being closed in.  Look closely and you’ll get a glimpse of the porch columns just to the left of the sliding door.  Unfortunately this opening was done without putting a proper header in and is decreasing the integrity of this load bearing wall.  Yikes!  However, I can foresee some wonderful French doors opening out to a revived outdoor or screened porch once this issue is addressed.


Now to the ample sized kitchen.  There are already plenty of cabinets, but can’t you just see a nice sized island in here?


And a row of windows on this back wall?  Of course it would have a view of a wonderful garden.


And do you see that doorway into what is currently a half bath/laundry room?   Are thinking what I’m thinking?  I’m seeing a butler’s pantry!


This is the room to the left as you enter the front door and contains that twin mantle.  The room is long and seems the perfect size for that billiard table I’ve been wanting.  Oh, but then where will I put my library?  The door to the left enters a bathroom… of sorts.   The one to the right~to the back porch.  The one near the mantle is a closet~a very narrow one.


Yep, there’s that mantle.  I thought this photo would also help give you bearings to where you are in the house.


Well that’s the first level.  Let’s head up and get a quick look at the three bedrooms.  First off, I have to give you a better peek at the stairs: the newel posts and great wide base trim, a few from the first landing and a few from above.


The colors in this house are a bit bright for my taste, but I can imagine how these two bedrooms will be made up perfectly for guests.

Here is the “blue room”.



And the pink room.



The master bedroom has plenty of room for a king size bed albeit there is no real closet to speak of.


The wall is angled in on either side of the double window.  We believe it originally had windows in those areas similar to the room below.  Oh, and don’t you love the light fixture.  Hmmmm, a modern take on lighting perhaps?  Or not.  P1040871

There is a bathroom addition to this space which is located off what may have originally been a porch.


As with many old homes there are little gems scattered about.  Here are a few we noticed in addition to the great mantles and front door bell.

An awesome old tub…


and sink…


with fabulous fixtures.


There is even some hidden cornices we found outside.


But one of my favorites….

the window locks on a few of the windows.


(I’ll cover the “office” in a further post~we are currently preparing it to be placed on the market)

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