Fun find out San Diego way.

I was sourcing furniture for an interior design test I’m working on (for a long distance learning program via Rhodec International)  and I came across this site with a treasure trove of rustic furniture.   It looks like one of those places my hubby and I would frequent just to keep up on the new goodies they roll in.  I found a few things I’ve had on my wish list for some time…

Here is the exact kind of table I’ve been wanting!

A recycled teak table available at San Diego Rustic Furniture


Oh, wait, maybe it should be this one…
And wouldn’t this be perfect for my library full of  interior design and decorating books?
 They have a pleothora of case goods and accessories in their 15,000 square foot warehouse.  I hope to personally get out there and check it out someday.   Until then I’ll be logging onto their site to see all the new things they have to offer.  You can check them out at San Diego Rustic Furniture.

5 thoughts on “Fun find out San Diego way.

  1. well DD i got my own saw mill this year.i have a great red oak log just waiting to be cut, when i get my mill up and running.just may have to make you that table.i made Anne a trestle coffee table out of black walnut that is 2 inches thick it is 20″ wide and 6 feet long will need to send you a pic

    1. No way???? Oh Matt would be so jealous of your saw mill!! He’s been wanting just his own space for his tools, the poor guy. I keep promising him the next house will have a designated workshop for him to wittle away the hours playing with wood. We have to stop and see all your projects sometime!!! Please do share the picture. And thanks for popping in here and leaving a msg.

      1. would love to see you both and i do love my little home in the woods just about got my shop were i want it just seems i never have the time i want for i have 2 many interests. i can sleep when i’m dead 🙂

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