The Gregarious house’s renovation taking shape.

Welcome!  Notice anything different?  The new place is finally coming together, but there is still a lot to do!

Just like any home, a complete revamp doesn’t mean the work ends once most of the pieces are in place.  It feels much the same here at “the Gregarious house” blog.   I’ll still be designing and decorating and changing my mind a million more times about exactly where I should place the “furniture”, but I do feel a bit more settled and ready for company.

One advantage with this renovation; there was no dust and dirt to contend with.  Although, a few gray hairs might have made an appearance. And I’m still fearing the gotcha gremlins are behind the scenes mischievously and methodically picking off the brain synapsis of my site.  But it has all been worth it, because each time I log onto this new site it makes me smile.  And isn’t that what we seek to find in any of  the spaces where we spend part of our lives?

I hope, you too, like the new inspirational haven I’ve tried to create.  I want you to feel free to share your thoughts, engage me in an exchange of creative ideas by leaving a comment or just pull up a chair and quietly find your own way to inspiration if you so please.  In other words, make yourself at home.   If I’ve properly done my part as hostess , you’ll find yourself gregariously summoned back.  A presto (See you soon).

DeeDee Lynn
Proud hostess of the Gregarious house


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