A house with more than just a view.

My husband found this story and shared it with me.  I had to share it with you, of course.

It’s a story about a shingle sided house built in 1905 and sits on its own island in Narragansett Bay near Jamestown, RI.  It sat empty for 20 years until 1961 when Henry Wood offered a mere $3,500 but was turned down.  That didn’t stop him, he offered $3,600 and they took it!  It took loads of love and an army to bring it back, but this place was well worth it.

This is one lucky guy!  What a great find.  I’d love the opportunity to stumble on such a gem in the rough.  Just imagine the wonderful breezes and views through each of its 65 windows!

Clingstone House image via Rhode Island Bay Cruises

Click here:  Fabulous house find! to see the video featured on CNNMoney.

And see some more photos at Boston.com


4 thoughts on “A house with more than just a view.

    1. It is a great house…would love to traipse through it and get a glimpse out of every one of those windows, dirty or not. lol Quite secluded in terms of neighbors too. Just a few people drifting by is all.

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