A wonderful house find while winding through the Virginia countryside.

We were at it again: scouting a house our realtor sent us information about. It didn’t really pan out as something we would want.   So since we were out we took our house seeking a step further; nothing unusual for us I guess.  We began traveling down any road, stone or otherwise, that we’ve yet to roll our Trailblazer tires across to get a glimpse of what might lurk around the bend.  A potential home.  A roosting spot.  A place that beckons us to install a swing on the front porch and gloat over treasured moments spent under its roof.

It never fails, we always find what appears to be an abandoned house or two that are just calling us to bring them back from the brink.  Oh, if I just had a bottomless bank account I know my husband would be on board to take on a dozen or so from our list of favorites thus far.   One we came across this particular Sunday fall afternoon, would surely be at the top of our list.


Why, you ask?  Well, you’ve likely already guessed that its old~documented as circa 1900, but I do believe this is just a guess.  Location~off the beaten path.  A plus in the ambiance department, but a negative with concerns to my hubby’s commute to work.  But in his words, “I’d drive that distance to come home to you each night.”  Yep, he was smitten with this awesome façade and the location as much as I was.

Issue one: its not on the market.  Issue two: well, not sure there is one. Yet.

There are some other lovely attributes of this intriguing piece of real estate.   For instance, there is a small creek, Sheep’s creek to be exact, that runs along the front of the property.  Guess what that means?  You have to cross a bridge to get to it ~ how cool is that?  Add that to my “awesome things about this house” list.  Secondly, the creek flows enough to have a few small, babbling water falls.  Behind the house? A mountain, of which the property extends to the ridge.  Awesome item number three wouldn’t you say?

So, what is one to do with such an potential opportunity?  Just walk away and dream about what could have been?  Heavens no.  We plan to write the current owners, who are obviously not living in the place, and see what options might present themselves.  I’ll let you know what transpires…

Here is photo of Sheep’s Creek.


And here is hubby near the creek with the house peeking out through the trees in background.


Isn’t this place fabulous?



Note the arched window trim and the porch details.  Love it!

window peak

Gotta run.TrimDetail





I’ve got a letter to write.

3 thoughts on “A wonderful house find while winding through the Virginia countryside.

  1. If I buy it and add them will you come…for at least a long, restorative stay? It is not a huge house by any means…about 1,600 sq feet. I think we can make do.

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