Photo sharing ~ Color snaring.

Take someone who loves photography and color, mix in thier love for interiors and you’ll find someone who has a great blog that will give you plenty of inspiration.  Tera Dahlby is a long time internet friend whom I’ve never met face to face, but surely hope to someday.  She has inspired me through her creativity, zest for life, her photography,  her ease to travel on a whim and  her zeal for color.   Lengthy, drawn out explanations are not necessary with the color and textures she grabs with her lense. She just adds a bit of wordy flair that gets your inspirational juices flowing.  (I know, I know, unlike me who would gab on and on)

Even if you are not looking for color inspiration, her 365  photo project will give a snapshot a day to just notice the vibrant color in  life.  Oh, and you are lucky enough to catch it in it’s infancy…she is now just 73 days in.  Here is a sneak peek…

Click on over to Color 365 to see the  colorful prisms entering Tera’s lens.



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