Forlorn and Forgotten.

There is certain type of house I have a deep interest and fondness for ~ the abandoned.  I often wonder what brought them to their demise.  What created the disappearance of the inhabitant from this sanctuary thus leaving it to do its best to stand against the elements of weather and time.  Because I cannot bring them all back, I feel the need to capture them before it is only the foundations outline on the earth that remains.  I hope to capture  what still lives in them.  I believe they still have so much to offer, if only given the chance to rise back to their former glory.   But to me, they prove themselves often in what still stands.  Their service to an owner may no longer occur, but their character remains. Even appearing torn and tattered,  dignity is intact.

This is my first in a series of “Forlorn Facades”.  It is my hope to capture the essence left within them thus not allowing them to merely fade to memory and blight.

This home was found while driving through Bedford County, Virginia.  Because of its deterioration there are no inside photos. We did notice through the open front door that an old dresser remained inside.  It is interesting what we leave behind . . .





















































3 thoughts on “Forlorn and Forgotten.

  1. love the old posts on the porch. Would love to have them. My husband found some in the outer walls of our house. I wander too, why these houses were abandoned.

    1. I, too, loved the posts…and that the some of the green paint was still showing. Isn’t it wonderful finding old nuances within an old house? It is like digging for gold when I get to see them. So, glad you stopped in and left a message, Joan!

  2. Oddly…. I too find a fascination with the appearance of old rustic homes and barns. There is a since of beauty but you have to wonder why they were left to the decaying demise.

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