Finding the right location or righting the wrong one.

Oh, the house hunt goes on.  (sigh)  And, thus far, with no luck.  I’m beginning to believe we, or perhaps I, am being too picky.  Maybe I’m looking for a fairy tale ending :   the dwelling that I will dreamily live out the rest of my life ~ happy, content, full-filled and blessed.  Not that I’m pretty much all those things right now.  But in the “happy homeowner” department, contentment is barely tipping the scale. 

For some reason today I started feeling hopeful.  Naw, I think I’m just getting  antsy.   But I would love to be planting bulbs around our “new house” this spring.  (But then I’m likely kidding myself) I haven’t checked out two of my favorite house rummaging sites, Preservation Directory and Old house, lately so I figured it was due time I did.  Over lunch, I indulge myself and found the statement “There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.  “,  is true.  However I’m beginning to believe it is my (our) location that is all wrong!  All the houses I see myself living out my desired lifestyle are not even close in proximity to us.  I know, I know, then maybe I should stop looking outside our perimeter.  But it is so hard to refrain from peering beyond.  Besides don’t you agree the following quote is quite true when pursuing a life long dream?

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.  (Arthur C. Clarke)

Though  at several junctures I’ve reassessed, dug deep and reconsidered that dream, I still come back to it. 

Here are the couple of houses that I stumbled upon today.  If you recall from my post, Desperation meets perfect opportunity, I mentioned that we may consider moving a house to a desired location, location, location.  Unfortunately, there seems to a stipulation that requires these homes to remain in close proximity where they now sit.  Drats!

So, our house hunt dilemma continues.  Just wondering how feasible it is to right the wrong location.  I guess time will tell.  Here are two of the homes I found appealing:

This Federal style house is in Enfield, North Carolina and is called Branch Grove.   Love the facade…

As she stands today.

This photo, taken in 1981, shows her less down trodden. 

Branch Grove ~ Federal Style

And the interior shows promise.  But then I guess they all do to me.


The second one, called Martinique was built around 1750.  It has early Georgian attributes but later decendants added Federal Style and Greek Revival features.    What a great architectural smorgasborg!


The foyer is one of the unique features that grabbed my attention.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to see this structure brought back to what this photo shows?  Rather than location, I think the important three words for this buyer  is “Potential, potential, potential”. 


You can see more photos and information about these homes by clicking on the photos above.  See more great historic homes for sale in North Carolina at Preservation North Carolina.


3 thoughts on “Finding the right location or righting the wrong one.

  1. My what breathtaking beauty and charm in these two homes.I can see YOU taking either and making them something others would envy. I dont know how you would decide. They are both carrying so much potential,character, and charm. Are they in close proximity. Maybe we could make it a family thing. Each sister could take one. I would love either one! Fabulous finds!!!

    1. Well, we have ours picked out dear sister, so I guess the other one is yours! They are pretty awesome aren’t they…I just keep finding wonderful old places like this that I’d love to restore.

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