A new, old armoire becomes “One of my favorite things.”

Yes, I had buyers remorse for awhile.  I always do when making large “decorative” purchases.  But dear hubby assured me throughout the purchase and each day thereafter that it is an investment piece.  But I did have a functional plan as well: it would hold any necessary items an overnight guest may need and a place for them to put personal things.

We had “visited” this cabinet/armoire several times and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. The price was just way beyond what I wanted to pay.  One Saturday, we went back to the shop to buy a set of twin beds in order to be prepared for the boys visit over the holidays and any other  visiting friends and family.  And, well, future grandkiddies came to mind as well.   I was avoiding even going over to look at it during this visit until dear hubby, grinning suspiciously, told me to just take a peek.  With relectance I checked out the price tag as he nodded toward it.  Much to my surprise it now read the exact amount I had told him I would be willing to pay.  It was 40% below the original asking price.  Needless to say, the twin beds and the armoire were all squeezed into our trailblazer.   I’m now over the buyers remorse (well, sort of) and am looking forward to using and decorating  it for years to come.




4 thoughts on “A new, old armoire becomes “One of my favorite things.”

    1. Yes, although I hope to bring it into a room I use more often in our next house, it is a great storage piece in this room. I look forward to some post-holiday decorating of it too!

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