Christmas decorating share: A santa bedroom

Since the boys’ old bedrooms are now void of their personal belongings but they’ll be staying in them over the holidays, I decided to spruce them up.  We haven’t really added much in the form of wall hanging or art yet.  So they were basically blank slates for some Christmas decor.

I found I had a quite a supply of Santa decorations, so I smattered some about the spare bedroom with the twin beds.  Never hurts to have a few decorating practice runs for  for future kiddies that will come stay with “grandma” and “grandpa”.  I’m hoping some of the old décor will bring back fond memories for the boys.  Here’s a sneak peak from the hallway.


Santa dressings upon the dresser and photos of Christmases past. 

IMG_5746  The teddy bear is one of the many my third oldest asked for and recieved nearly every Christmas.  The wooden Santa and reindeer was carved by one of dear hubby’s former co-workers years ago.


 A holiday photo taken at the 1883 brick house we  owned in Ohio.


My new armoire all decked out..

 A santa that was given to me by one of the boys. 



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