A tad of holiday festivity for the family room.

In past years I haven’t done much decorating in the downstairs family room since we don’t use it that often.  But I do try to add a bit of holiday festivity because most of our guests enter via this room.  I decided to decorate in blues, silver, gold and yellow and copper and oranges. And since I like the start of this color theme, I think I’ll expand on it for my holiday decorating repertoire next year.

Here is the mantle with nativity.  Note the addition of the “star” to the string of lights.  I am thrilled with how well the hues of the nativity and the wall artwork worked together.






This girl has a brand new tree.  We found this old tree stand and added the top of an artificial tree.  But not before I had hubby dearest find, cut and drill a tree branch to create a tree trunk. And while we were hunting down Christmas gifts for the kids I came across these antique pine cone ornaments that were said to be from Germany. I had to confiscate the other ornaments from our main tree upstairs since I didn’t want to spend any more time and money on them. I’ll just hunt some down before Christmas next year. Besides it gives me another excuse to scour the antique shops!




See that nice big wall?  Next year my holiday decorating will have to begin earlier so the decorating ideas bouncing around in my head can come to fruition.  I’m just too tinseled-out to do anymore this year.  Sad smile


I was part of a decorating duo this year.  Although I do feel I pulled more of the weight than he did. This is what I typically found him doing throughout the process….

Kippy~ Already exhausted from the holiday hoopla.

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