Nostalgic Christmas decorating.

I was writing this post pre-Christmas and had planned on getting it published long before now. And with it now a few days past New Year’s celebrations, I had almost decided not to bother sharing it. But I realize there are several things from it that we often try to bring into the new year and our lives: nostalgia, love, joy and peace.  So since these spaces are decked out in just that fashion, I decided that sharing it post Christmas and New Year’s day still seemed appropriate. 


I love using what I already have on hand and repurposing when I decorate for Christmas.  And adding items that have a bit of nostalgia to them make it extra special.  Last year I used my dad’s childhood violin that my mom had just passed down to me.  This is how it looked:




But Since we placed some new artwork on this wall I had to change up the holiday decorations this year.  This is how it looks this year along with some photos of the living room.




The dining room wall, which is the same high wall that the artwork is on but just at the opposite end of the room, now displays similar items from last year.  Since my dad’s violin now takes residence in my office, I used one his brother had given him.  Placed opposite it is a cornet that was passed down to dear hubby from his older cousin and my newly bought and painted letters spelling out “joy” and “peace”. 






Placed upon my grandma’s hutch is a bird cage that housed

a parakeet we had given the boys for Christmas one year and

hubby dearest’s grandmother’s picnic basket filled with

Christmas gift bears given to son number three.









My table centerpiece is placed upon a piece of wood my husband kept from his grandmother’s woods in Ohio.  As a young boy, he was cutting firewood along with his dad one winter and loved the look of grain and the bark on this particular piece.  In previous years I used it to place my nativity scene upon.  The center candle base that I placed inside of the metal container was one my son and I picked out for a table setting for he and his girlfriend’s prom dinner dear hubby cooked for them. 



I love the wonderful joys of life that can be wrapped up in a home’s décor.  However, it is not about the things themselves, but the memories they evoke that is precious.  That is why I always vow not to keep things only for the mere sake of “having” ~ It is more about its “giving”.  Wishing you a Happy New Year and a home where much joy, love and peace is created for you to receive.


2 thoughts on “Nostalgic Christmas decorating.

  1. Just stumbled back upon this comment, Tera. Didn’t realize I had not replied. But I guess perhaps it was meant for me to revisit. It came at a much needed time. Thank you my friend!

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