Where soldiers lie ~ The little white church.

We toured this sweet, white church during a Pre-Civil war tour here in the Roanoke Valley (Virginia) last year.  Any day I can incorporate a bit of history and architecture into my day, it’s never a dull one.


What makes this building so special, other than the in, outs, ups and downs of details grooved into woodwork, is a particular bench with a history of somnolent occupants.  Sleeping soldiers, to be more precise..



According to our tour booklet, 800 Confederate soldiers also received comfort here after the battle at Hanging Rock.





Notice the window panes (photo below) toward the top, right of the pulpit.  Clerestory windows?  No, those windows actually open to reveal second floor seating beyond.


I can’t resist the light and charm a window brings to a room… but check out the number of panes!!  I love when I see a six over six or nine over nine window!  But an 81 over 81?!  That is one fabulous gridded prism!




As you can see by the follow photos, the little church has sprouted further into the hill over the years.    P1040048


What thrills me just as much as a historical building?  One with nuggets of antique items scattered within.




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