On winding roads.

While traveling to Ohio for my niece’s graduation party, we decided, since we travel this direction often enough, it warranted trying a new path.

So we directed the car’s GPS to avoid all highways and toll roads without any idea where the road may lead.  But then it was not imperative where it led, we just wanted a different journey and figured we’d get to our true destination at some point.

Admittedly, I should have had dear hubby stop the car more often to snap photos of all the interesting things we saw on this slightly uncoiled, serpent~like, back road trip.  But here are the two “we’ve got to turn back” buildings, I did end up getting photos of.

If you do/will follow this blog at any point, you’ll likely notice I have this affinity to the old house, no matter it’s size, shape or condition.  I’m just naturally drawn to their gregarious faces and stories.

We came across this one along a road in West Virginia.  Don’t ask me where, because we had no clue where we were.  Open-mouthed smile




This wonderful old brick structure was in Ohio.








IMG_8381 (2)


Often my stopping to take photos is two~fold.  One is to capture a building that may not be brought to life again in my lifetime.  And two is to let the detective photographer side of me take heed and see if I can grab up the essence of the place in a snapshot.  I never feel as if I do most of them justice.   Especially in terms of letting them speak perhaps one last time…but I’m learning.


3 thoughts on “On winding roads.

  1. I love the brick one! The arched windows and the door hidden beneath the overgrown vine…I can so see these restored. Wouldn’t that be fun! (Especially with no budget…since we are dreaming anyway? ;))

  2. The moment your brick building popped up, I had a smirk on my face. That is the turning point to head to my parents house. I often wonder the back story to this building.

    1. Awesome!! I was hoping someone would recognize it. What road is it on? I’d love to add that tidbit for the readers. I wish I knew the story too. It’s a cool old place!!

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