Another of the many old homes we’ve considered.

We viewed this one quite some time ago. We actually noticed it long before it came on the market.  I always imagined it with a wrap around porch.  Hubby and I agreed it warranted it and we were quite sure it was most likely once graced with one.

The house had some issues that needed addressed.  For example, the termite damage in the kitchen floor and the usual updating old homes tend to require.  But the bones of the place provided a diamond in the rough.  Although this wasn’t the one for us, I can happily announce that we noticed the other day that someone has bought it.  I’m always overjoyed to see these places continue as cherished family homes.



The house has some quirky additions, but it added to the charm of moving through the outdoor spaces.



Notice the rambling of eaves.


The addition of the screened-in porch necessitated that a sort of greenhouse window be built over the kitchen window.  Very interesting approach!


I love the wide overhang.


There is also a great barn.


Now for the interior features. The dining room has a great built in cabinet.


I  absolutely adore this kitchen!  Notice how at the base of the cabinets it is meant to resemble a piece of furniture.  From the hinges to the cabinet height to the fantastic double window, I find it charming.  Just add an island for more workspace and a place to seat family and friends that will gather while you prepare them anything form a snack to a feast and it has all the makings of an ideal kitchen.  Okay, maybe I’d change up the cabinet color and add a stylish backsplash while I’m at it.


Here is the other area of the very workable kitchen. The square area on the back wall of the counter, painted the same green as the cabinets, is actually a pass~through to the built in cabinet in the dining room (shown in a previous photo)  Also note the cabinet above the door to the dining room.  Those little unexpected things are what I love about old homes.  No cookie cutter kitchen here!


Living Room with cozy corner fireplace and French doors for even more character.



And plenty of natural light permeating through oak trimmed windows.


The French doors lead to this room ~ a den or sorts. Do you see that small door high up into the corner of the room?  Well, there in that little cubby is where we found the original plans of the house.  And would you believe the house actually had a wrap~around porch?  Yep, we figured it right!!


From this room is where we will meander up the stairs.



                  View at the top of the stairs as we turned toward the main hallway.P1010765

This bedroom is the one you can spot at the end of the hall in the previous photo. The  bedrooms are generously sized.


                              Adjacent to the bedroom is this long narrow bathroom


My favorite feature of this room was the built~ins!!!


Love the hardware!A

P1010755Bedroom number two is on the other side of the bedroom.


Now we are headed back down the hallway in the other direction.


The door closest in frame of the photo leads to the attic~ an area with even more potential.

(the guy in the photo ~aka dear hubby~ would likely want to claim this hideaway for himself)


At the far end of the hallway, the doorway to right leads to this fabulous room.  I immediately went to decorating it in my head the moment I walked into it. (This photo was actually taken from the first bedroom as it, too, has a door leading into it.)


The door at the far end of the hall lead to this screened~in upper porch~of~possiblities.


It seems we missed getting photos of a third bedroom.  I recall one as you turn the corner at the end of this hallway. (just beyond the door to this covered porch)

All-in-all a very great house.  So, why didn’t we purchase it?.  One would be location.  And the second I would have to say was, although we loved a lot about it, it just didn’t feel like “the one”.  However, now going back and revisiting via photos, I’m sort of wondering what really hindered it from not feeling that way.  I guess when we find the perfect place, I’ll know what this one was missing.


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