Because I love doors ~ Italy.

No matter where I go, I always have to check out the doors to buildings.  I also have an affinity for window, especially ones with numerous panes, but there is just something about doors!

Whenever we go out and hubby has his camera in tow, I’ll ask him to take photos of the fabulous doors we pass.  I was in door heaven when we went to Italy.  In all actuality I was in architectural element bliss.

With all the texture, color, and history, the camera could have easily been snapping away  every second of our waking hours.  Italy’s buildings are garnished with delectable design elements.  But for this post, I will focus on our photos of its entryways.  I hope they will inspire you to see the door to your home or any building you enter in a whole new way.

This is a second story door from the remains of a building in the Roman Forum.


Note the message to the right of this door.


More doors in Rome.



These next two photos were taken while seated atop a double decker tour bus.



No matter how imposing the door, adding a little splash of color next to it is always eye ~ catching.  Wouldn’t you agree?


Only one door photo in Cinque Terra?  I bet I missed plenty of lovely doorways!  What was I thinking that day?


Looks like we were more on our game in Barga..





The most difficult thing about taking photos of doors in Italy is the slope of the roads.  I found myself having to straighten a few of these so as to not give you vertigo.




Now, when you look at this one, imagine a soft breeze through the narrow street carrying along with it the murmur of voices from within this doorway.  And the sound of china as it is being set against a wooden table.  That is exactly how it played out that day as we strolled by here.  I’m so glad I snapped this photo to have a reminder of that wonderful experience.


I’ll end with this lovely entrance.  It was one of my favorites.   I would love to come home to this corner stoop.   I have oodles more photos to sort through.  So I’m sure there will be another installment of doors.  Winking smile



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