Another installation of doors ~ with a dose of Barga, Italy.

So, in my first post of Italian doorways, we ended in Barga.  We’ll have to pick up from there, as I have some great photos that I have to share.    First off,  I can’t refuse welcoming you to this new post with a perfect host to any home ~ a cat peering out the window.


And I can’t leave Barga before sharing this favorite street tunnel.P1000524

Or this great section of the village.


A quaint backyard nook.


   And an inviting entryway.


So worth the wait for the doorways wasn’t it?

Now for those that take us into Lucca. residences.




One of my favorite Lucca entryways


And to give you an idea of the ambiance of this lovely home, here is the street tunnel it is located in.


Venice, too, had a few memorable doors.  In fact, so many that I’m going to do a full post on just Venetian entrances.

But before I say Arrivederci, here is a very special entry.  This leads into the villa where we stayed. in Tuscany.  If you haven’t already read about this magical place called Casa Clara, just click here.  A presto!



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