Before and after ~ What a little paint can do.

When my son wanted to put his little two bedroom house on the market, I knew a little paint could go a long way in sprucing it up.  This was especially true of the drab kitchen.  He had already planned to replace the countertop, so once he had it picked out I headed to the Lowe’s paint department to make some color choices.

The kitchen had a decent tile floor, but the grout needed some attention.  So I grabbed a scrub brush and tile cleaner and did my best to get it brightened up. Having been a rental before he purchased it, the tile just wasn’t all it could be due to stains.  But I just followed up the intense cleaning with some grout paint and all is good.  It now looks like a brand new floor.

I also painted the walls and cabinets, added some new curtains, and accessorized.  I do believe it looks like a happier kitchen now.

Here are some before photos:


Note the empty area under that smaller cabinet.  That was an easy fix as you’ll see in an upcoming photo.



And now for the after:




And as for that spot under the upper cabinet ~ it was calling for a shelf with a wine glass holder.  I’m so lucky to have a handyman hubby that had no trouble taking on the task and completing it quite nicely.


I used Valspar’s Signature colors below.



Lower Cabinet Color





Wall Color





For the upper cabinets, I used a white base paint and added a bit of the wall’s Sunbaked to get just a hint of color.

I was also lucky enough to stumble across these curtains by Waverly while searching for color swatches.  The red was exactly what I had planned to use for accessorizing.  I was pretty excited after this shopping spree.  My color palette was finalized in just one visit.


Waverly 15″L Creme Home Classics Scalloped Valance

 How and why I chose these colors:

I knew I had two things that were going to remain in this space.  One was the tile floor.  Therefore, that is where I drew my lower cabinet inspiration from.  I didn’t want the floor to stand out so I steered away from any color that might cause this.

We also decided to keep the brass hardware.  Although, I’m not a fan of it, they were a well-made knob.  It also kept costs down by re-using them.  They are the primary reason for placing a yellow hue on the walls.  That, and the fact that it would brighten the space.  It was also a great contrast to the black countertop my son had chosen.

My whole design idea was based on making the lower cabinets ground the room, with the upper keeping the space light and bright.  And with the cabinets lining the walls the way the did, I didn’t want the upper and lower cabinets the same color.  This refrains from a monotonous look to a typical line of cabinets and gives the space some character.

So what do you think of the space now??

I love how paint transforms!!


8 thoughts on “Before and after ~ What a little paint can do.

  1. What an incredible transformation! The little shelf under the cabinet is perfect. How fun! I love before and after pictures!

    1. Thanks, Thel! Now if we could only find the right owners. These smaller jobs don’t seem as daunting to me..but I still fret over them and second guess myself.

  2. You knocked it out of the ballpark!!!

    I do love the knotty paneling, but really……it’s not going to sell a house. And I know that as much as I love it, I’m not sure I’d want to live with it. But what you did to the kitchen, I could definitely live with.

    1. Thanks Penny!!! I’m a “wood” girl, too. However it really dated and made the room so dark and drab feeling. IF only I had a bigger budget, I’d have gone nuts with this kitchen!

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