Vintage finds in NC ~ Antique Market Place

It’s a pretty obvious answer.  If the hubby suggests a stop at a antique store on the way home from a trip, I’m certainly not going to say no.  This is a place we had stopped before and where I fell in love with a pair of decorative antique columns. (No, I didn’t buy them and yes, I was disappointed to see they were grabbed up by some lucky customer since that first visit.)  And what antique place deserved a stop as we passed through?  The Antique Market Place in Greensboro, North Carolina.


I was a bit tired due to our quick trip down to Florida for our son’s college graduation, so I didn’t bother grabbing the camera.  But once in the door, we spotted these great twin beds and I quickly learned the error of my ways.  Dear hubby, as always, jumped to my rescue, asked the woman on staff at the counter if photos were allowed, and went to the car to fetch the camera.

Now, mind you, we just bought a set of twin beds for one of the guest rooms and have no need for more beds.  However, I informed dear hubby, moments after eyeing these, that perhaps the next house may have to be larger than planned.


Next came this awesome table and chairs, that I just know I can find a spot for.


I have no need for a china hutch of any sort, since I have my maternal grandmothers, but I always have to check on every one I come across.  Unfortunately I forgot to jot down the age of this piece, but I do recall it being late 1700’s.


And then there is this pretty special French 18th century grandfather’s clock.


Here’s a fantastic pieces hubby and I enjoyed.  (okay, and admittedly want)


One thing about antique stores, they don’t only remind you of things you or your parents/grandparents might have used as a kid, but there are things that make you want to be a kid again.  I’d love a slew of these riding toys for my future grandkids.



And speaking of kids, you must forgive this soon-to-be grandma as I revel in some of my favorite baby finds.  Like this crib that rocks.












And this photo of a chubby baby.  It must have been a favorite of the frame maker, too, as there were several in this booth containing the same photo.


Another great thing about these places, is the wide range of booths that portray the creative people who set up their wares.  The ideas I find range from color to fun and interesting vignettes.   For instance, I love this color palette as well as the combined textures and patterns.



And can’t you see the wonderful design ideas that can be formed from this mix of elements?  I plan to use this for inspiration for redecorating my office ~ or maybe it should be the master bedroom.


Oh, and about those creative people I mentioned earlier.  Check out the talent of display, color and texture o0zing from this booth.  I think I lingered here the longest.









There are often room displays that I just want to pick up and move into a corner of my house.














Here are some other great finds amongst the thousands waiting to become part of a whole room scheme.  Who needs old leather suitcases when you can go sturdy metal topped with a subtle wood box with a framed mirror that ups the ornamental factor.


Speaking of metal~ how about adding a pie safe to the kitchen wall.  But then such a great storage box shouldn’t  just be saved for a kitchen:  Think office (store the paper or office supplies that often take up valuable desk space) or bathroom (a place to store items a guest may need during a stay)IMG_8761

Whenever we wander these marketplaces, scales always catch my eye.  But this one is extra special.  Why?  Well, because it is for ice cream, of course.  This is the first one I’ve seen!  I’ll take five pounds of  mint chocolate chip, please!


And if you haven’t already noticed, antiques make perfect photos for framing.  In fact, as I walked through the Antique Marketplace, around ever corner I saw another amalgam of elements that were picture perfect.






I’ve been to quite a few antique marketplaces and I’d place this amongst my top five places to seek out those unique items and ideas.  Not into antiques and collectibles?  Then you may be interested in their wholesale showroom at the rear of the store.


Want to check them out for yourself?  Of course, you do.  Then click here.

Antique Market Place:

6428 Burnt Poplar Road, Greensboro, North Carolina 27409

Phone: 336-662-0544

Note:  I apologize for any photo that does is not appear clearly focused..  I’m still learning how to use my hubby’s camera in low light situations.  Quite frankly, in most photographic situations.   Smile


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