A couple of old beauties in Texas

While in Texas on business, dear hubby sent me some photos he took with his phone of these two fabulous old houses that are on the market.  Along with the photos was the message, “Want to move to Texas?”.  With which I answered with a question: “How hard would it be to move them across country?”

Now I don’t have anything against Texas except for the fact that it is a bit hot for my liking and the distance it would be from our kids. However, for a very brief second, I had considered the move.  To Texas.  Not the moving of the houses just over a thousand miles.  Although that would be a lovely thought given I had the right sized bank account.

This first one is abandoned and, because it sits in a commercial area,  it would be something I’d likely want to move.  That is, within Texas…if we were, by chance, to ever move there.

What do I love about this Queen Anne?  The long windows on the first floor, the wide overhangs with the corbels, the turret, the varied siding designs, the gable detailing, the dormer window, and every nuance of the house that juts out and rises above or below the previous one.  I also love how the front door is tucked back into another ornamental gable.  It seems mysterious yet inviting set in against the large facade.  It is perfect.  Oh, and imagine a sitting area on the third floor of that turret!  I pray this beautiful old house isn’t torn down.

This next place has a pretty special setting.  And although appearing lived in, it seems it could use a bit of TLC.  I adore how dormer windows are set into the mansard roofs of second empire style houses.  This place has such a romantic charm to it.  And, I must admit, I’m kind of fond of how it sits all pretty in pale pink.

We certainly are finding some great old places.    Unfortunately, location, location, location is the key component to keeping us from finding that special place we are hoping for.  It will happen though.  I know it’s out there waiting for us.


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