Dear future home: Please have a bit of what this Greek Revival offers.

This is a home that we had the pleasure of viewing during a pre-civil war home tour here in the Roanoke Valley last year.  It was actually on the market at the time (at the time of this writing, it seems to still be for sale).  There was so much I loved about this house, however its once wide spread acres is now reduced to a patch nestled behind a sub-division and amongst 8 other homes.  All of the 232 acres (purchased in 1839) that now contains the house, the eight other homes and sub~division, was once owned by the Petty family, who built (1865) and lived in this home until 1910. 

What does remain of the property is pretty spectacular however.  Hubby and I enjoyed both wandering through the house and garden.  I’ll have to categorize this one under both old home and garden, because neither should be slighted in their importance of what makes this place special. 

The House


Such and inviting front façade!  And don’t you love those Greek Ionic columns?




I loved walking up the steps to side entrance.  This is a glass of lemonade on a hot day kind of porch..






I found these floor plans on the realtor’s website.  If you are anything like me, you love when home photos can be compared against them. 

Here is the entry level; followed up by photos:

Foyer:   With a view straight back to the covered side porch. P1040243


First floor bedroom. with great fireplace and closet.  P1040254

I also had to snatch this photo of the parlor from the realtor’s site: Poe and Cronk.  I didn’t seem to have one on file.


I also only had on photo of the kitchen.  It was pretty bare of the modern conveniences. e.g. It awaits the making of a perfect, new old kitchen.

The one photo: a built~in cabinet.  I’m imagining some lovely old dishes displayed here: all stacked, organized and used daily.


Second Level: (also from same website as noted above) Note the second kitchen upstairs. Not sure that is something I’d keep.  However, it is perfect if you want to run a Bed and Breakfast.  There is a convenient separate second floor entrance via the covered side porch. to do so.

Foyer, stairs and second floor landing.


Bedroom at front of house on right side.


Second bedroom situated to the left side of the front of the house. 


Kitchen set just behind the second bedroom.  I, of course, love the old light fixture: detest the swirled ceiling texture. 


And directly next to that is the sunroom.  (A room I’ve been hoping for!  And wanting to decorate.) The span of windows and the beaded wood ceiling equates to perfection!


The bathroom is situated between the sunroom and the lower stair landing.  My favorite of this room was the built in cabinetry over the sink with the mirrors placed over the doors.


The Garden

If that lemonade glass is getting empty, you might want to refill it as we stroll through the various garden spots.  I just know you’ll find a spot or two you’ll have to stop to still a spell.

First off, isn’t this fab~u~lous?!?! There is a lot of potential in this interesting log structure.  Art studio perhaps?  Playhouse for the kids/grandkids? I’m hoping our next house has a “make it what you wish”, unique structure like this!  This is actually a V-notched log smoke house said to have been built around the same time as the brick home. 










Beyond here we follow the garden path.  (hubby waiting for me while I snapped those previous photos)



Yep, that’s an old silo to the back of the property.  Cool, huh?!  And just in front of it is one of the several structures for stepping out of that warm sun. 


Here’s a pretty place for gathering and chatting long evenings away, wouldn’t you say?  (the house in the background is part of that subdivision I mentioned)


And if that relaxing spot gets crowded there is room to spill over into this one.


From the back garden, we enter the side garden through a gate where we get a glimpse of the house. 



Hubby decided to take a time out in a sunnier spot for swinging.

Are you just as enamored as I am with all the hideaway spots this plot of land offers?




Here’s a shot across the front lawn to the side garden area. 


Oh, did I mention there is a pond in the front yard? (view from second story front bedroom.).  And you’ve likely guess that is the subdivision just beyond it. 


Once again, one of the only downfalls of this place for us is location, location, location. 

Interesting Facts:  Within the eight homes built around this one stands another home, called Greyholme (circa 1750), thought also be owned by and used as a secondary building for the Petty family. (This is not noted, however I speculate the family may have lived in the 1750’s home prior to building the brick home) The bricks are handmade and  evidence shows the brick and home were made and constructed by David Deyerle.  The main building at a local college, Hollins University, was also the work of Mr. Deyerle.  Smith Petty and his wife, Sarah, raised three daughters and two sons in this home. 

4 thoughts on “Dear future home: Please have a bit of what this Greek Revival offers.

  1. Love, love, love this house!! I too wish it were not surrounded by suburban blight. And yeah, the upstairs kitchen needs to go! Maybe that center bedroom could become a fabulous closet and master bath.

    I do enjoy seeing where they add the bathrooms over time. The first floor bath that poked out onto the side porch through the dining room is awesome.

    1. I agree, a pretty awesome place! It’s one of those houses and properties that just keep popping back into my head. I always like to see where/how they add the modern conveniences, too. Sometimes they are a total flop when it comes to the flow of the house. This one took away from a bit of the porch rather than the cutting into a room…I just have this weird pet-peeve with them doing that. I like the original rooms to stay intact.

    1. Thanks! Just wish it wasn’t situated among such a slew of houses. I’m looking for a bit more expansive property. Those gardens did make the yard feel so much more expansive though. Glad you liked my approach to showing it off!

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