Sprucing up a bathroom on the cheap.

This bathroom project is part of my son’s house where I had previously shared with you how a little paint went a long way in the kitchen.  In the bathroom, I brought paint back into the mix along with a single roll of wallpaper. If you also recall I had a non-existent budget.  This meant I had to maximize the creativity and the use what I have mentality so as to not touch the bank account.  Okay, so being the owner’s mom, I did dig into our account to buy the one roll of wallpaper, but magically, I had a can of black paint in my arsenal from a previous project.  Score!

The goal of the project?  Unify the mis-matched elements in the room while brining in texture.  Somehow I’d have to make it work with my under $20 roll of paper and  that found can of paint.

Fortunately, the same tile from the kitchen flows into this space.   As mentioned in the “kitchen story”, the tile floor just needed some cleaning and fresh grout paint.  That problem was easily solved.

I apologize for these before photos.  They were taken with my cell phone.

As you can see, the room had both a white base and wall cabinet and a black wall fixture.  I wanted these to pop off the textured wall paper, thus my reasoning for the black elements.  You might think it too dark for such a small space, but you’ll see that it actually gives it depth.



And here we have the under twenty dollar make-over.  Had I felt like digging further into my own wallet, I’d have at least gotten some decorative towels.  I opted to just put a framed photo there instead..  I think it helped to keep the eye from just passing from the wall cabinet, to the mirror to the framed picture on the side wall.  It made for a more cohesive, balanced look on the walls.



I’d have also done a bit more updating and bought different accessories other than what I already owned or borrowed. But, considering the hurdle, I think the transformation is noticeable.

What twenty dollar make-over have you accomplished or have in mind?  Or maybe you have one that didn’t cost a dime?  Please share!

5 thoughts on “Sprucing up a bathroom on the cheap.

  1. I wish I had saved pics to share with you! I had a half bath in my condo that had a white toilet and a white pedestal sink with builder beige walls. Ick.

    So I grabbed a can of black paint. My dear hubby thought I was nuts until he saw the results. Black paint makes shiny white porcelain fixtures as close to art as you can get them!

    1. Oh drats! How chic, my friend. I’d have loved to seen that. I think nearly every room can do with a dose of black; just like everyone woman’s closet needs that little black dress.

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