Upcycled ~ Pianos are playing a new kind of tune.

It took me ten seconds of rummaging in the Pinterest playground of to stumble across this gem of a shelf that plays my kind of repurposing tune.  I followed the line of user pins back to the original “pinner” so you can find out just how and who took the piano from having its feet on the ground to having its ivories at eye level.  Just click on the photo below to get the full story and “how-to” at the “Diary of a Crafy Lady” blog.

This shelf was made from a real piano - this keyboard section was cut off and mounted on the wall!

This was the second time in a week that I’d seen a creative use for an old piano.  The first was a Facebook post from my favorite local place called Black Dog Savage where they are transforming a old player piano into a bar! (Photo taken from Black Dog Architectural Salvage fan page on Facebook ~ I hope to share more photos of this one once they have completed it.)

I was really starting to kick myself for having gotten rid of the one we has similar to it due to our move from Ohio to Virginia..  Ugh!

After seeing these two ideas for old pianos I began to wonder what other ideas lurk out there.  Off I went, in search of more keyboard conversions to share with you.. Here’s what I found:

Here is a completed “piano bar” I found on Pinterest. (I was unable to find the original link for this photo)

amazing -- old piano made into a bar

Piano bookshelf via Changing Hands Bookstore’s Facebook photos.

Looking for an out of the ordinary desk?  Pianoworld.com shared this beautiful transformation done by Tom Kaufmann, a professional pianist from Michigan, who also seems to have a creative eye as well.

Piano Desk

You can always part the piano out and use it for a headboard.  See how they did it here.

Then perhaps use some of the insides for artwork.  This fabulous piece by Noel Bradley is called “Convergence”.  See more of his work on Artslink Queensland Photo Album on Facebook.

Or, maybe just use in guts of the piano for a headboard! (You must check out Saffron and Genevieve where I found the lovely photo below ` Their stuff is to die for)

And for you garden enthusiasts, that old piano can now serenade you with the sound of trickling water. (Photo via Twisted Sifter)

turning old piano into outdoor fountain

piano waterfall piano waterfall piano waterfall

Don’t all these ideas just tickle your ivory, errrr, fancy?


2 thoughts on “Upcycled ~ Pianos are playing a new kind of tune.

    1. Neither did I! I always thought the inside of the baby grands would be so cool to put on a wall as an art display…or to use the ivories and hammers for a cool display. It was so much fun to see the way people are using them!

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