Settling on a table setting. Or maybe it’s about not settling?

One of my biggest weaknesses is making decisions on color and pattern.  That makes decorating our home quite difficult. (Just ask hubby and our boys how many times I’ve repainted some of the rooms in the house.  Yes, they may exaggerate the number a bit, but they would like be closer to the mark than if I’d answered that question.   I can’t help that I have a weakness for all the wonderful options available.

Even finding the exact silverware pattern I want has got my head spinning.  So, some time ago I had decided that one day I would begin collecting an amalgam of old spoons to pacify my passion for varying styles  and rectify my indecisiveness problem.  A few weeks ago, when we were out rummaging through antique stores, I told dear hubby of my idea.  He immediately liked it and suggested we start looking that very day.

I believe it was a mere ten minutes when he stumbled upon some.  I found a few that I liked, but didn’t commit to buying them just yet.  (I have a way of overthinking every purchase I make)  However, we did not walk out empty handed.  Here are the handful we purchased at this outing.


I was giddy (you might notice I often say this when I find things I love) when I came across one with “MD” engraved on it.  It is our first initials!   I hadn’t noticed the spoon was engraved with a  “D” until we had arrived home.  Maybe I can start collecting  some engraved with other family members first initial, too!


If you are noticing the dinnerware that I have my new silverware nested into, it was another issue solved.  It was my fraternal grandmother’s Corinthian patterned Harkerware that my brother passed on to me a few months ago.  Now, I don’t have to take the rest of my life deciding on a color palette for the kitchen of the historic house we are still searching for.

And to think I’d told myself that I’d never go back to the teal I had in my living room back in the 90’s. However, this time, I refuse to compliment it with pink!


Oh, and did you notice that clear glass plate?  That is one of  many pieces of a pattern my mom started purchasing for me about twenty years ago.  I have everything from salt shakers to punch bowls to vases in this pattern.


I love where I get to store all these wonderful items: my maternal grandmother’s hutch.  (There is story to this I’ll be sharing later)


The only issue I have with the dinnerware is I don’t have enough for dinners with large groups.  Although I’ll likely purchase more of this pattern (I’ve actually seen some on eBay), I now have the dilemma of finding a pattern to marry with Grandma’s.  I do love that the pattern is simplistic enough to allow pairing with various other options.

I’m considering going with something in blue and maybe some accents of copper/orange.  Take notice the blue wine cork and the copper sheet I put behind the wine glasses in the next photo.  What do you think?  Good harmonizing colors with the existing plates?  What other colors do you suggest??


I may have to approach this dinnerware issue the same way I am the silverware.  Maybe just limiting it to two or three different patterns with some solids added as well.  Admittedly, I love these types of dilemma’s because I love the hunt.  However, it would be nice to have sufficient  settings  for the holiday table spread.

Any ideas????  I’d love to hear them!!!

4 thoughts on “Settling on a table setting. Or maybe it’s about not settling?

  1. Last Thanksgiving we had 18 or 19 people for dinner. Now, I don’t happen to have a formal set of dishes with that many places settings to it!

    My sister and I picked out two different sets of dishes, one blue and white, and one brown and white transferware. Then we set all the settings we needed by mixing and matching the two sets. So while I have 12 place settings of each, by mixing them, I’m able to set the table for 24. 🙂

    You could do something similar with a patterned set of dishes, or a solid white or ivory. The nice part of the white/ivory would be that you could then change the mood of the table setting with napkins and table jewelry!

    I’d love to have a set of “Found” silverware. I might just have to start collecting them!!

    1. Love the idea of adding the solid white or ivory. It is exactly what I had planned to get before I inherited my grandmas. And for the exact reason you mentioned ~ versatility. I’m a girl who often changes moods!! Oh, you must start your found silverware! Just one shopping hunt and I’m hooked. It’s so much fun!!! You’ll have to show me your future finds.

    1. Thanks! Funny you should say that. I saw a gray (toward the bluish side) plate online and thought it would look cool. Thinking along the lines of adding different shades of blue and teal with the smidgen of copper. This all may change by next week though. lol Thanks for you ideas. Going to keep my options (and eyes) open.

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