Antiquing finds and favorites in Forest, Va.

When the father of my four boys suggested we hit a few antique stores on Father’s day, I certainly wasn’t going to disappoint him.  I begrudgingly (you really aren’t believing that are you?) went along with the idea.  We headed over to Forest, Virginia.  (Where Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest is located, in case you didn’t know) where our handy-dandy Sunday Driver Directories, Inc brochure listed at least two dealers in the area with a couple others along the way.

One of our favorites, was a double win; antiques in an old building.  And a building we often dream of turning into a home ~ a school house.

The Peddlar was our kind of place.  We could admire the architecture and appeal of the building while scooping out goodies for our future old home.  (who knows when/where that move will happen)

The Peddler Antiques sign



The Peddler Antiques


I love imagining all the plodding of children’s shoes on this wooden floors as they scampered to their assigned classrooms.  Their voices likely echoed into the tall ceilings.  Today, the floors welcomingly creak under patrons feet and the amalgam of vintage items muffles voices and sounds.


Just imagine the homey atmosphere that can be created within these walls of multi-paned glass!  I certainly can and was.

school house windows

As always, my eye is drawn to the most worn and tattered, thus loved and used.


I have an affinity for blues, greens, creamy whites and off-whites and all things created in aged wood or metal, therefore the camera snapped at those very things.

















Though not so old, this wire wall basket containing a metal “4” sign was a perfect Father’s day photo.  I couldn’t resist it given the fact that we raised four fine young men.




The reflection of the antique items in this mirror grabbed my attention immediately.




Closer inspection of the mirror itself revealed it’s own intrinsic charm.

Old mirror (2)


Our quest for vintage finds didn’t end at the Peddlar.  This other capsule of a by-gone era was found just up the road. (Antique shop listing containing  Rick’s Antiques) 






I often wonder if my husband and I were ahead of our time in this love for vintage, rustic, antique and shabby chic design, because it has been our favorite aesthetic since we’ve been married.  (nearly 30 years now)

It seems that this sort of decor is taking the design world by storm.  But I must say, for us this sign says what we’ve always believed to be true:





4 thoughts on “Antiquing finds and favorites in Forest, Va.

  1. I would love to have the time to look through all of the antiques of WV…one day ..I hope to do that and to meet you as well 😉

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