Back on the hunt: Oh, baby.

Since we’ve had our first grandchild, we have been, once again, collecting all the necessities for having a baby in the house.  Once rid of high chairs, toys, playpens, strollers and the like, our house is now being taken over by them.  Though most of these items have been picked up at second hand stores and are gently worn or we’ve found a good deal on them, we’ve decided that the high chair is going to something more along the lines of what we would typically purchase to fill our home.  Yes sirre, we are looking for an antique one that has had generations of tiny little butts placed in it.

While out on one of our antiquing excursions, I started to take notice of other baby items in the shops.  Most recently ~  baby buggies.  It’s amazing how far they’ve come in the invention of these things.  I guess I’d describe the transformation something along the lines of charming to contraption.

The ones of  long ago conjure up long walks through the park with today’s versions, that have everything but the kitchen sink, are more a statement for strutting the malls.  It’s like having the coolest car on the block.  But then that’s just my opinion.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got one of the mid-range fancy versions and the steering in it is phenomenal.   But there would be something more stylish and much more alluring about pushing our sweet little grandson along in one of the old school buggies.

Here are a couple of my favorites that we spotted along the way.

This one just says to me “let’s pack a picnic and head for the park.”  Aesthetically, with its texture, curves and style, I’d base a room off this one.

photo (7)

This low rider with its stouter lines, is the coupe of baby buggies.  (Not sure, but it may just be for baby dolls.   Pretty awesome all the same.)

photo (3)

And this sweet one, would be the Model T.

photo (11)

Now as for that new, quite old high chair we were searching for.  Well, we’ve seen some pretty cool ones.  Like the Victorian era ones that convert into rocking seats.  Or the ones with the built in potty chairs.  Not so sure I want to encourage simultaneous eating and pooping at the table.  But, so far this is the one I keep coming back to.  It’s one from the late 1800’s and I adore the lines, color and patina of it.  I do believe plenty of been spoiled while sitting upon this chair.  I just might have to make my grand kids the next generation to get use of it.


high chair

2 thoughts on “Back on the hunt: Oh, baby.

  1. You know, Grandma, I think I will have nightmares about the last buggy 🙂
    Seriously, I love the high chair–what will you do about a tray?
    Whenever I think of buying something secondhand (especially if it’s antique), I go by the vibes when I’m near it. I’ve thought I found exactly what I want, only to get close and have a really bad feeling about it (did that with a house when we were getting married. Wasn’t forgiven until around our 5th anniversary!) If that chair feels good, it will be good for that cutie grandson.

    1. does have a bit of a sinister look to it doesn’t it? Great question about the tray. That was one of my initial concerns. However, my dear talented hubby assures me he will make one for it. Of course, at my insistence, it will not modify the chair in anyway. And lasty…the vibes! Yep, I totally understand that. Initially when my hubby spotted it, I was sort of quiet as I took it all in and the I believe I gasped and the shrieked in excitement. I took some time to check out the lines, checked out its sturdiness and then guessed the price. (a game we play ~ one of us checks the price and the other tries to give a close guess) I continued to shop, but went back to the chair at least two more times and was still loving it. We didn’t purchase it because I don’t like to make purchase on emotion. However, since we’ve looked a bit further, no other high chair has crept back into my thoughts like this one. It does feel right…now to see if it is still available. Fingers crossed it will be when we finally find time to head back to the antique store. Loved your question and comments!!!

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