Restoration Hardware ~ Stumbling onto a showroom.

It’s been some months ago that I stumbled upon this Restoration Hardware showroom in Winter Park, Florida.  Hubby and I were just out for a stroll through town when I started hyperventilating at the site of the awning bearing their name.

He indulged me, as he always does, to get inside and take a look at this delicious décor first~hand.  I had seen and fallen in love with their items online a few years ago.

I must have circled the place a dozen times before I got my fill.  Even greater yet was the fact that they allowed me take a few photos.   Believe me when I say that the items you see here are just a tip of the interior design deluge of  deliciousness they offer.  P1060327

To me their style is substantial, simple and yet elegant.


There is no overworking of accessories, such as seen in this photo. The line and form with the absence of frill  creates an eye pleasing look.


Both color and accessory are balanced to create aesthetically pleasing decorating.  There is no pretense in what you are viewing.





P1060302 (2)

I had to try crop the photo to attempt to give you a better look at the table top display and hanging fixtures.  Aren’t they awesome??!!  I’ve always wanted some glass cloches to use for creative displays.




From the corbels used as table legs to the big old book, this vignette makes me smile.



You don’t need to be into aviation to just imagine what an awesome space can be created by these “wing chairs”.  And, yes, I can attest, they are as comfy as they are appealing.


And what was the one thing I really wanted to pack up and take home? (actually everything) Well, that would be the office in a trunk.  Who wouldn’t be happy working and staying organized inside here?





But then this wouldn’t be such a bad spot to sit either.


I adore the clock and have the perfect wall for it up near the peak of my cathedral ceilings in the living/dining room.  And I’ll take the lamp, too.  Winking smile  In all honestly, if money were no option,  I’d need to get a rental truck to transport all of my desired purchases.


I wish some of the photo were a bit sharper to really show the true charm of some of the vignettes.  To see more of their awesome furniture and accessories  you can shop online at Restoration Hardware.  To see if they have a showroom near you, click here.  I bet your are just as hooked as I am, aren’t you??

4 thoughts on “Restoration Hardware ~ Stumbling onto a showroom.

  1. I don’t know how I would be getting my tests done without this store…or should I say their website 🙂 LOVE it!!!!

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